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Application of Polyurethane Frac Hose in Shale Gas Exploitation

The water supply and drainage of fracturing in rock gas exploitation contains complex chemical composition and mainly distributes in the dangerous geographical environment. Therefore, the hose used must have the characteristics of high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance. High-pressure wear-resistant polyurethane hose is a kind of wear-resistant hose which can convey flat coils under positive pressure. It consists of inner rubber layer, fiber reinforced braided layer and outer rubber layer. The inner and outer rubber layer adopts thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) with super-high wear-resistance, which is mainly composed of Basf, Germany. Compared with ordinary polyurethane hose, the wear-resistant property is better. It can increase 2-3 times and prolong the service life of hose.

High-pressure wear-resistant polyurethane hose can transport many kinds of media, such as gas, water, oil and so on. It has no pollution to the transport media. Compared with steel pipe and rubber pipe, high pressure wear-resistant polyurethane frac hose has the advantages of light weight, high pressure, high conveying efficiency, soft texture, coiling, easy operation, fast paving and withdrawing speed, flexible mobility, strong environmental adaptability, safe, reliable and durable use, etc. At present, it is mainly used for fire remote supply. Water, shale gas fracturing water conveyance and so on.

2019-07-07 13:57