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Layflat hose


Brief Introduction of TPU layflat Hose

TPU layflat hose is a portable long-distance water conveyance hose, which is characterized by flattening, easy rolling up and convenient transportation. It has the advantages of high pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance. Its structure is simple. The middle part is polyester braided layer, covered with TPU inside and outside. It is formed by machine at once.It's a whole, so there will not be any stratification when it is used. Here is the picture of its structure:

The polyester jacket in the middle is the core to withstand pressure, while the TPU inside acts as a seal, and the TPU outside acts as a protective of the hose.

At present, TPU layflat hos is being used more and more widely. In North America is mainly used for shale gas fracturing, In Europe is mainly used for agricultural irrigation, and Russia is mainly used for water and oil transportation under low temperature.

2019-07-14 10:31