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Layflat hose


Why do people use TPU layflat hose to transport water in US shale gas fracturing Market

Why do we choose a new product ?Because it is easy to be used and can solve some existing problems,That's enough!

Before people use TPU layflat hose, the most commonly used hose on the market is three-layer rubber hose,It has a fatal problem that the adhesive strength between rubber cover and hose jacket is very low, so the adhesive layer will often peel off during the using.This problem has been bothering users for a long time.In addition, due to the process, the working pressure of the three-layer hose will not be too high.


Then the TPU layflat hose had producted out,It solved the above problems very well.As soon as the new product is put on the market, it immediately gets the favor of customers and quickly replaces the three-layer hose in the market.TPU layflat hose is extruded at once, and the TPU materials inside and outside are connected together through the gap of the jacket layer so that the adhesive strength  is very high.


And it's working pressure can be higher,so you can see the working pressure of 12 inch TPU layflat hose has been added to 200 psi.This will greatly improve the efficiency of water delivery


2020-01-04 14:58